Innovant pour le plein air

Les repas à l’extérieur, rehaussés

Anticipé longuement, la collection Transformer Patio Dining ™ apporte la versatilité et l’économie d’espace de Transformer Table à l’extérieur. Construit en bois de teck de première qualité et d’aluminium résistant à la corrosion, le banc et la table de patio extensibles et les chaises de Patio Transformer empilables ultralégères font en sorte que recevoir des groupes d’invités à l’extérieur n’aura jamais été aussi facile et élégant, tout en vous permettant de récupérer votre espace extérieur lorsque vos invités auront quitté. 

Après des années de développements et de raffinements, nous sommes fiers de présenter la collection Transformer Patio Dining ™. Sa résistance aux intempéries toute-saison, tout-climat, son bois de teck luxueux et ses finis durables continueront à laisser une impression durable à vos convives, saison après saison, année après année.

Fonctionnel & Élégant

Réinventez accueillir à l’extérieur avec l’élégance et la fonctionnalité Transformer Table

Solid Teak

Le teck est naturellement résistant aux éléments, est facile à nettoyer et conservera sa belle apparence pendant des années.

Corrosion Resistant 

Fabriqué avec de l'aluminium de la plus haute qualité et des finitions les plus durables, le Transformer Outdoor Dining™ est conçu pour durer.

Heavy Duty Mechanisms

La table et le banc de patio Transformer sont tous deux dotés de mécanismes en aluminium anodisé qui leur permettent de supporter respectivement jusqu'à 750 lb et 1 500 lb.

Les produits

Transformer Patio Table™
Transformer Bar Cart - Panel Storage
Transformer Patio Bench™
Transformer Patio Chairs™
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  • Transformer Patio Dining Set™

Transformer Patio Dining Set™

The table for every occasion

Made from 100% hardwood, the Transformer Table serves as a bold focal point in any living space. This extendable dining table easily adjusts from 18" to 118", seats up to 12 guests and will perfectly fit in any home.

  • Free Bench
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$3,995.00 CAD
À partir de $166.45 / mo*
As low as $93/month. En savoir plus

Transformez votre quotidien avec des possibilités infinies.

Easy To

Thanks to their heavy duty, corrosion resistant, anodized aluminum telescoping mechanisms, adding panels to the Transformer Patio Table and Bench is so easy, almost anyone can do it unassisted.

The Transformer Bar Cart™ can be repositioned effortlessly thanks to its smooth-rolling wheels and casters, and its built-in storage means table panels are always on the ready to expand your Transformer Patio Table™ when unexpected guests make an appearance. 

Easy to

Transform your 118” teak patio table and 6-seater bench into a small 18” console and tuck your Transformer Patio Bench™ underneath it within minutes for maximum space saving. Transformer Patio Chairs™ lightweight yet sturdy construction makes them easy to stack to regain even more space when seating isn’t required.

Store your Transformer Patio Table’s panels inside the optional Transformer Bar Cart™, and wheel it out of the way to regain even more of your valuable deck or patio space when not in use.

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The Transformer Patio Table and bench come ready to use right out of the box, just install however many of their 5 included panels you need to suit any occasion, and in no time at all, you and you guests will be ready to dine in style in style and comfort.

The Transformer Bench stores its own panels neatly within its central compartment, while the Bar Cart’s built-in table panel storage will ensure your table’s panels will always be within reach. Pull up one of the 4 included stackable Transformer Patio chairs, it’s time to feast, relax and enjoy the summer. 

Des questions ?

  • What is a Transformer Outdoor Dining™ collection, and how does it work?

    The Transformer Outdoor Dining™ collection features our brand-new Transformer Patio Table™, Transformer Patio Bench™ and Transformer Patio Chairs™ - which come as a bundle - as well as add-ons like the Transformer Bar Cart™, the Transformer Patio Umbrella™, and extra chairs too. Essentially, we have created an outdoor version of our famous Transformer Table™ collection with a 6-in-1 extendable table and bench, stackable chairs, a bar cart slash panel storage solution, and an enormous umbrella to protect you from sun rays while you dine.

  • Is financing available for the Transformer Outdoor Dining™ furniture?

    Order now, pay later, and enjoy all summer! Financing is available for residents of the US & Canada at this time. Simply choose the financing option at checkout at the payment step of the process to apply with our third-party partner. 

  • Is the Transformer Outdoor Dining™ collection available worldwide?

    Oui, le Transformer Dining Set™ est expédié dans le monde entier ! Nous offrons la livraison gratuite dans plus de 35+ pays à travers le monde.

    Livraison gratuite : États-Unis, Canada, France, Irlande, Pays-Bas, Belgique, Allemagne, Espagne, Italie, Autriche, Suisse, Royaume-Uni, Singapour, Bulgarie, Croatie, République tchèque, Danemark, Grèce, Hongrie, Lettonie, Lituanie, Luxembourg, Pologne, Portugal, Roumanie, Slovaquie, Slovénie, Vietnam, Estonie, Finlande, Malte, Émirats arabes unis, Arabie saoudite, Qatar, Jordanie, Oman et Koweït. Certaines exceptions s'appliquent.

  • What are the weights of each product in the Transformer Outdoor Dining™ collection?

    Transformer Patio Table™ console: 115 lbs ⎹ 52 kg Transformer Patio Table™ panel: 13 lbs ⎹ 6 kgTransformer Patio Bench™ console: 86 lbs ⎹ 39 kg Transformer Patio Bench™ panel: 4 lbs ⎹ 2 kg Transformer Patio Chairs™: 11 lbs ⎹ 5 kg each Transformer Bar Cart™: 79 lbs ⎹ 36 kg

  • Which materials are used in the construction of the Transformer Outdoor Dining™ products?

    Each piece of furniture in the Transformer Outdoor Dining™ collection is constructed with an aluminium frame and a patent-pending technology  called Teak Wood™ as the surface finish. The telescopic mechanism included in both the Transformer Patio Table & Bench is made of heavy-duty aluminium steel for years of easy sliding. All of the materials are weather-resistant and rust-proof by design, so you can enjoy your outdoor patio furniture for a lifetime of BBQs. 

  • How do I clean & maintain my Transformer Outdoor Dining™ furniture?

    Cleaning and maintaining your Transformer Outdoor Dining™ products is simple. With their waterproof design and integrated drainage, the furniture can easily be washed with small quantities of soapy water and a garden hose. 

  • What makes the Transformer Outdoor Dining™ collection different from other patio furniture on the market?

    Transformer Outdoor Dining™ furniture offers a level of customization and practicality that you won't find anywhere else. The table and bench are both extendable with 6-in-1 configurations, the chairs are stackable for easy storage, the multifunctional bar cart doubles as a panel storage solution, and the umbrella expands to cover the entire area of the dining set. Plus, all of this functionality is offered along with a high-end design and an affordable price. 

  • Will Transformer Outdoor Dining™ furniture rust over time?

    With an aluminium frame, a aluminium mechanism, and integrated drainage design, Transformer Outdoor Dining™ furniture is completely rust-proof for years of uninterrupted enjoyment. 

  • What is the warranty on Transformer Outdoor Dining™ furniture?

    The telescopic mechanism made of galvanized steel found in both the Transformer Patio Table & Bench includes a 10-year warranty, while the rest of the collection is protected by a 1-year limited warranty which covers potential manufacturing defects and transport damage. To learn more, visit ourwarranty page

  • Will any of the Transformer Outdoor Dining™ products need to be assembled upon delivery?

    The Transformer Patio Table, Bench, and Umbrella are all delivered fully assembled so they can be used right out of the box. As for the Transformer Bar Cart and Patio Chairs, they require simple assembly that can be completed by one person in just a few minutes. Plus, an instructions manual and the hardware required is included in their boxes to facilitate the process even more. 

  • Is the Transformer Outdoor Dining™ furniture weather resistant?

    Of course! Each piece of furniture in the Transformer Outdoor Dining™ collection is weather resistant to all seasons and can withstand anything mother nature throws at it. Rain or shine, Transformer Outdoor Dining™ furniture is built to last. 

  • Can I easily store it all away when I need to?

    That's the beauty of the Transformer Outdoor Dining™ collection! With integrated panel storage and collapsible design, each product in the line is created with optimized storage in mind. 

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