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Renter Friendly Decorating Ideas

Laura Chow

November 02, 2023

What Renter Friendly Decorating Is All About

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Decorating a home in a way that is temporary, simple to undo, and considerate of the restrictions frequently imposed by rental agreements is known as "renter-friendly decorating."

Renter-friendly decorating focuses on innovative and non-intrusive approaches to customize and have fun with a space without causing harm or breaching the conditions of the rental agreement or understandings with a landlord because many rental homes have restrictions on permanent modifications, such as painting walls or making structural improvements.

Renter Friendly Decorating Ideas


Décor and Accessorizing: Focus on moving-friendly furniture and accessories that don't need to be permanently installed while choosing furniture and decor. Rugs, drapes, toss pillows, and wall art that can be mounted with detachable sticky hooks all fall under this category.


Wall Decorations and Temporary Wallpaper: If you want to add patterns, colours, or designs to your area without painting the walls, think about using temporary wall decorations or removable wallpaper. These are simple to apply and remove without inflicting any harm.


Short-term Window Decorations: If you don't want to use the blinds or curtains in your rented house or living space, you can make a nicer window treatment with tension rods and light drapes that you can take down when you leave the rental home.

What to Consider When Decorating an Apartment As a Renter:

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There are some crucial things to keep in mind when decorating an apartment as a renter to make sure that your decorations both complement the area and comply with your lease agreement.

Here are some important things to think about:


Destruction and Security Deposit: Be aware that if you get new paint job and cause damage that goes beyond regular wear and tear, your security deposit could be at danger. When deciding on your decorating ideas, techniques and materials, bear this in mind.


Smart Storage: In order to keep your possessions organized and to reduce clutter, look for creative ideas and inventive storage options for small space. Small areas might benefit from great ideas like under-bed storage, storage ottomans, and freestanding shelves.


Lease Period: Take into account how long your lease is. You might choose simpler, easier-to-remove decorations if you're only going to be there for a short time.

Maximize a Small Apartment Kitchen

A small apartment kitchen needs to be planned and organized carefully to be used to its full potential.

Here are some pointers to help you maximize the space in your small kitchen:


Occupy Vertical Surfaces: To make use of vertical surfaces, attach shelves, hooks, and racks to the walls may keep your countertops clear by holding goods like pots, pans, tools, and spices.


Usage of Multi-Functional Appliances: Choose kitchen gadgets and utensils that have several uses. A blender that also serves as a food processor, or a colander that also serves as a mixing bowl, are two examples.


Collapsible Furnishings: If your kitchen has a dining area, think about making use of tables and chairs that can be folded or extended and stored away when not in use.

Creative Apartment Bedroom Design

In a compact apartment, a contemporary bedroom design must strike a balance between practicality and aesthetics.

Here are some design concepts for your apartment bedroom:


Different Beds: If you don't have much room, think about a Murphy or Lofted bed. A Murphy bed can be folded up against the wall when not in use to free up extra space on the floor during the day, while a lofted bed can create more space underneath for a desk, a chair, or extra storage.


Exposed Wardrobe: If you have a small closet, think about using open shelves, shelving or a clothing rack to display and arrange your clothing items.


Houseplants: Add indoor plants to your bedroom to add a sense of nature. If your bedroom doesn't get much natural light, pick plants that can survive in low light.

It's important to keep in mind that the secret to an imaginative apartment bedroom design is to represent your personality, maximize functionality, save space, create, and utilize the space. Try out several concepts, ideas and configurations until you find a layout that matches your preferences add personality and requirements.

Apartment Living Room Ideas

Take a look at these innovative apartment living room ideas to see more ways to maximize your space and provide a chic and useful environment:


Versatile Furniture: Choose furniture with several uses, such as a sofa with concealed storage, a coffee table with integrated shelves, or an ottoman that can also be used as additional sitting.


Suspended Shelves: Install suspended shelves to showcase books, plants, and ornamental things to do away with the necessity for large pieces of furniture.


Simplistic Design: Adopt a simple design with clean lines and straightforward furnishings to create a unique look of a place that seems uncluttered and open.

Always remember that the key is to customize these suggestions to your tastes and the unique arrangement of your property. Try out cool ideas with various configurations and furnishings until you find a creative living room layout that complements your own decor and way of life and makes you happy.

Update an Apartment Bathroom

The functionality and appeal of an apartment bathroom can be substantially improved by updating it.

Here are some suggestions for modernizing your apartment's bathroom:


Practical Storage: Clear or attractive storage bins can be used to store toiletries and other small objects arranged under the sink.


Temporary Wallpaper: Making use of temporary wallpaper can be practical to decorate walls with patterns or textures without inflicting any harm.


Cupboard Protection: Add cupboard liners to give the interior of cabinets a fresh appearance and moisture protection.

Remember to avoid any potential problems with your security deposit, concentrate on changes that may be made and then quickly undone when you move out.

Extra Apartment Storage

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In an apartment, adding more storage can help you become much more organized and make the most of your available space.

The following suggestions for increasing more storage space are practical:


Space-saving Ottomans: As additional sitting, use coffee tables with storage to keep blankets, pillows, or other items.


Over-the-Door Organizers: To store shoes, accessories, and small objects, hang over-the-door organizers on closet doors.


Suspended TV: A suspended TV cabinet can be used to store media equipment and free up rental space.

Keep in mind the constraints imposed by your leasing agreement as you give priority to storage choices that best suit your demands and the configuration of your space.

Ideas for Apartment Floors

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Style, durability, and simplicity of upkeep are all essential considerations when choosing a floor covering for your apartment.

Take a look at our suggestions suitable for apartments:


Peel-and-Stick Vinyl Tile: Try incorporating peel and stick wallpaper,-and-stick vinyl tile choices that may be removed without harming the current floor are available if you are permitted to make temporary/ rental alterations.


Temporary Floor Decorations: These are self-adhesive stickers that you can use to decorate your floors with patterns or designs without risking damage.


Rubber Flooring: Slip-resistant and long-lasting, rubber flooring is frequently utilized in business settings. It might be a distinctive option for a contemporary or industrial residence.

Area rugs, carpet tiles, and other temporary fixes can still give your apartment flooring a modern, fresh look even if you are unable to make permanent modifications.

Update an Apartment Entryway

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Making a good first impression and setting the tone for the rest of your area with an updated apartment doorway.

Here are some suggestions to assist you in designing a welcome and useful entryway:


Slim Console Table: Place one against the wall to use the wall as a useful surface for keys, mail, and other necessities.


Seating Area: If there is room, a bench or small seating area might serve as a convenient place to set down baggage and put on shoes.


Personalized Welcome Mat: To greet guests and prevent dirt from being tracked inside, place a warm doormat outside your door.

When putting these suggestions into practice, keep in mind the arrangement of your living area and any restrictions imposed by your landlord or lease agreement.

Apartment Lighting

Apartment lighting is essential for establishing the ambiance, improving functionality, and fostering a cozy living space.

Here are some lighting options and suggestions for various rooms in your apartment:


Dimmers and Smart Lighting: Install dimmer switches so you can change the brightness of the light to fit different activities and moods. Think about smart lighting systems that let you change the colour and brightness of your lights remotely.


Natural Light: To maximize natural light, leave windows open and use transparent drapes that let light pass through.


Mirrors: These should be placed on plain white walls across from windows to reflect light and brighten the whole room.

Always keep in mind that the colour temperature of your light sources can have a significant impact on the decor and mood of the space. Try out several lighting setups to design and create a practical, warm, and well-lit apartment atmosphere that fits your preferences and requirements.

Decorating Ideas for Apartment Walls

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A great approach to add character and customize your flat is to decorate the walls.

Here are some suggestions to help you update the walls in the outdoor space of your apartment:


Prints and Artwork: Display framed pieces of art, prints, or posters that represent your tastes and aesthetic that will result in minimal wall damage.


Bulletin Boards and Corkboards: Photos, notes, and fun memorabilia can be displayed on corkboards or bulletin boards. Postcards with fun motivational sayings or to-do lists can be pinned up.


Whiteboard or Chalkboard Paint: A useful and artistic room can be created by painting a portion of the wall with chalkboard or whiteboard paint.

Be sure to confirm alterations with your landlord before decorating your apartment wall/walls, which may help you make the room genuinely yours, whether you're trying for a homey atmosphere, a sleek modern style, or anything in between.