A well light small living room with modern furniture.

Amazing Small Living Room Furniture Design Ideas

Transformer Table

Transformer Table

April 11, 2022

Making the most of your small living room need not be a challenge. With thoughtful planning, clever styling, and multipurpose furniture, anyone can transform a small living room into a comfortable space worth spending more time in. In this article, we look at small living room furniture design ideas to transform any room.

What to Consider When Thinking About Small Living Room Furniture Design Ideas

Here are a few small living room furniture ideas to consider when thinking about furniture designs for a small living room, and it all comes down to what theme strikes the right cord.

Plan Your Layout

Planning your layout is all about being clever with the small details. You should know where to place the light sources, your pieces of furniture, and other house accessories to maximize the spread of natural light and space (or the illusion of it!).

The ultimate goal is to make your room feel brighter and larger than it is!

Decide What the Room Will Be Used For

Knowing what you’ll use a room for allows you to plan the layout and furniture designs. One advantage of this is you can opt to go bespoke. This way, you only get furniture specifically designed for your space.

Decide on a Theme for the Room

There are tens of hundreds of themes that you can use to remodel your living room.

However, for small living room spaces, you may want to consider West Coast Contemporary, Cabin, Minimalistic, Craftsman, Country, Modern, Mediterranean, Asian and Contemporary.

Traffic Flow in Your Living Room

Free movement can be a problem in a tight space and so swapping that bulky sofa with a ‘loveseat’, or a ‘snuggler’ is a great way to create space in your living room.

Floating furniture is another excellent way to enhance traffic flow in a small living room. Pulling furniture toward the center of the room creates spaces along the walls that allow you to walk easily around the room without bumping into chairs and tables.

Neutral Color Scheme

Neutral colors are excellent for creating varying visual effects and playing with depth, focal points, saturation, and highlights to enhance a living space.

For a smaller room, use lighter neutrals to make it appear spacious. Moreover, different interior design styles work well with neutral colors as a background. So changing your home décor, such as bringing in a new set of curtains, is easy when the room has a neutral color palette.


Using mirrors to create the illusion of space is the oldest trick in the book. An oversized mirror covering an entire wall will reflect everything, doubling that space! A lighter color palette aids in creating a sense of space and airiness.

You can also experiment by positioning mirrors on opposing walls to create the illusion of infinity space. Placing mirrors in front of windows also works wonders as far as enhancing visual space is concerned.

Incorporate Wallpaper

Wallpapers are a cheaper way to enhance a room’s appearance. If your objective is to make the room appear bigger, go for wallpapers with vertical design details to make the ceiling look higher.

Big floral patterns also make a small room appear larger.

Wallpapers with horizontal stripes visually enhance the width of a small room. While there is a wide variety of wallpaper designs to enhance the appearance of a small room, keep it simple – wallpapers with simple repeating patterns in lighter colors are your best bet!

Just ensure you cover the entire wall for maximum effect.

Free Up Floor Space

There are several ways to free up floor space.

One of the best ways to free up space is by opting for multifunctional furniture. A sofa bed that triples as a lounge chair, sofa, and an Ottoman will save you loads of space while still giving you all the functionalities you need.

Minimalism – the mantra ‘the less, the better’ could never be more appropriate for freeing up floor space. Use only the furniture that you need and cut the clutter!

Also, why not consider everything built-in? Built-in cupboards and shelves are fantastic space savers compared to their free-standing counterparts. Built-in everything means no space is wasted, especially if free-standing furniture like chairs can be stored under the bench.

Awesome Small Living Room Furniture Design Ideas

When it comes to small living room furniture ideas, consider the following key design points:


Minimalism is the in-thing, and multifunctional furniture is the holy grail of minimalism. Having a sofa bed that serves as a bed and a sofa makes more sense and saves you more space than having two different pieces of furniture.

A word of caution, though – be creative; minimalist furnishing can seem frugal!


This is a no-brainer, but if you’re keen on upgrading your small living room, you’ll want to invest in durable modern furniture. This way, you get to get the most out of your investment.

Size Adjustable

Well light modern living room.

Extendable furniture is an idea worth exploring as far as size adjustability is concerned. For example, extendable dining table sets allow you to maximize space to the fullest.

These types of furniture are particularly suited for small living rooms where you may want a space to serve two functions. For example, you may wish to have a lounge area and a dining area within the same space.


Nothing makes a small space look organized and tidy, like a minimalist look. A minimalist approach starts with furnishing your living room with only the items you need.

Thanks to the growing popularity of multifunctional furniture, you can now furnish your spaces minimally but still enjoy wide-ranging functionalities from your furniture.

The amount of space you save by investing in such furniture is incredible!

No matter how small your living room is, you can still make it look stylish, modern, and invitingly spacious with these décor tricks and ideas.

Nevertheless, take your time and do a little research to know what works best depending on your needs!