A large light coloured multifunctional two seater couch.

Living Room Furniture Ideas for Small Spaces

Transformer Table

Transformer Table

April 25, 2022

If you live in an apartment or condo, you need to carefully budget your space. That doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice how you sit, eat, relax, and place your stuff, however you’ll want to pay more attention to the furniture you buy and how it’s laid out.

Hand-me-down furniture is fine for a starter place, but if you’re looking to stay for a while, consider the innovative alternatives to traditional big & bulky sofas and cabinets. Today’s multi-purpose furniture is a game-changer for smaller spaces. Modular living room items give you total control over seating and storage, freeing up floor space and creating an open, stylish decor.

Following these living room furniture ideas for small spaces will help you invest wisely to create a beautiful living room that’s as perfect for entertaining as it is for day-to-day use.

Living Room Furniture Ideas for Small Spaces

The ‘Sitting-Room’

The living room should really be called the ‘sitting room’ because that’s what people mostly do in it. Where and how everyone sits is a living room’s most important function, so naturally, the chairs and sofas will be your biggest investment.

A no-brainer solution to accommodate family and guests in a small space is a smart, modular sofa. The Transformer Couch gives you total control over the size, shape, and setup of your living room. Its sections can be subdivided into any configuration, becoming as long or short as needed, and fitting into any corner at any angle.

Your 6- or 8-piece Transformer Couch is adjustable, expandable, or contractible. Its sections can be configured to discreetly fit the shape of your room for daily use, then be connected into a different shape when entertaining guests. Transform it into two sofas and matching chairs, a stylish L-shape couch with a footrest, or connect all sections together into one large couch. Almost any layout is possible, all from a single purchase.

Individual sections of this modular sofa connect and disconnect easily, becoming whatever shape you want. Even the backs and armrests are adjustable. With one smart sofa, you gain the freedom to create multiple living room sets and configurations.

And when your living room changes or you want to try a new arrangement, simply rearrange the sections and create a brand new layout.

Not only is the configuration modular, but so is the color! Each part of the Transformer Couch, from the cushion seats to the pillows to the back and arms, includes a removable cover that you can remove and replace with different colored fabric. In minutes, your sofa can change color to match any decor.

A lady removing her sectional seat cover to wash.

The Transformer Couch comes in four fashionable fabrics, with hot new colors being introduced for 2022. All covers are machine washable.


Instead of armoires and cabinets, install wall-mounted shelves for storing and displaying items. Reducing or eliminating floor furnishings not only frees up space but also creates a much more open and attractive layout.

Big item, small item

Don’t be afraid to go large with your carpet. Large carpets make a small space appear larger. However, be careful not to go too bold with the color or pattern! The general rule is to keep the color of your carpet neutral so as not to overpower the room.

On the other hand, paintings should be kept smaller and contained in one area, ideally over the sofa. Strategic wall art is an attractive focal point; too much wall art creates a cluttered effect.

Coffee tables should also be on the smaller side. Minimize the items you keep on it to reduce clutter.

Light and lighting

Lighting should be layered – natural, overhead, eye-level – to create warmth and a sense of openness.

Natural light should be maximized, with as little clutter as possible in front of the windows. To frame the windows, opt for sheer curtains or blinds. Accentuate the window rather than the covering. It makes the room appear more spacious.

Floor lamps or sconces are space-savers that can be used to provide artificial light. Your favorite table lamps can be placed on small corner tables.


Lighter colors create the illusion of space, so use lighter colors for your walls. If you want to accent the living room with a darker wall, moderate the effect by choosing the shortest wall or place the sofa and paintings in front of it. Remember, a color accent is supposed to add flavor, not overpower the overall look.

For more living room furniture ideas for small spaces, check out Transformer Table’s industry-leading couches and tables. They’re specialists in modern, innovative space-saving furniture.