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Any Questions?

  • What is a Transformer Couch?

    The Transformer Couch is the world’s most versatile, modular, and multi-functional couch on the market. Completely rearrangeable and configurable, with an endless number of possible layouts.Each component – seats, sides, armrest, backrest, and frame – is removable and re-configurable. Change your style in seconds, add any number of seats to create the setup that fits your space. Transformer Couch offers style, comfort and versatility.

  • What is included in each Modular section?

    100% solid hardwood frame
    1 x bottom cushion
    1 x modular back rest frame
    1 x back rest cushion
    2 x modular arm rests
    1 x Set of washable & removable covers
    1 x Throw pillow
    2 x connectors

  • How do Transformer Couch sections connect together?

    Every modular section comes with 2 separate heavy-duty resin connectors. Position your sections side by side and insert the U-shaped connectors.

  • What is the weight/size of the Transformer Couch?

    Each modular Transformer Couch section weighs 70lbs/32Kgs, 38”/97cm long x 45”/114cm high x 33”/84cm deep. 

  • How much weight can each modular section withstand?

    The Transformer Couch is built to last. Each section can withstand up to 500Lbs/226Kgs of weight.

  • How strong are the armrests?

    Each armrest can support up to 200lbs of weight.

  • Do I need tools to put my Transformer Couch together?

    Almost no assembly is required to assemble the Transformer Couch. Legs can be screwed in with any standard screwdriver.

  • What are the Transformer Couch cushions filled with?

    All Transformer Couch cushions are filled with three layers of high-density foam, which provides a supportive layer that preserves loft and prevents sagging over time.

  • How is the Transformer Couch constructed and what materials are used?

    Fabric: Upholstery fabrics of the insert are made from the highest quality fabric sourced from renewable material. 

    Frame: Made of solid wood, the frame is connected with steel sinuous springs and Italian webbing, offering incredible comfort and strength. 

    Seat Cushions: All Transformer Couch seat cushions are made with triple layer high density foam, offering sublime comfort and support. 

    Back Pillows: Made from Poly-fiber material. 

    Metal Structure: All metal components are made from extruded and rolled brushed metal. All metal components are guaranteed for life. 

    Metal legs: Made from extruded and rolled brushed metal. All metal components are guaranteed for life.

  • How many people can fit on one Transformer Couch section?

    Transformer couches are made extra wide and deep, with plenty of room to sit or lie back in total comfort. Each modular Transformer Couch section can easily fit 1 person.

  • How do I wash my Transformer Couch Covers?

    Transformer Couch covers are machine washable in cold water. Line dry only. Do not place the covers in the dryer as they might shrink. Do not use fabric softener.

  • How do I care for my Transformer Couch?

    Your Transformer Couch can last for years with normal care. A protective layer on the covers can lengthen its life, and all covers are machine washable.

  • How do I clean the liner fabric of my Transformer Couch?

    All Transformer Couch inserts/covers are machine washable and can be reused.

  • Can my Transformer Couch be used outside?

    The Transformer Couch is not made to go outside. Shop our Transformer Outdoor collection for stylish and modular outdoor furniture.

  • How do I change my covers?

    Changing your covers is simple and quick. Unzip the insert from the cushions, frame, and pillow, and remove them.

  • Are my Covers Fire Retardant?

    Under California provision law of consumer products, all Transformer Couches are fire retardant.

  • Are my covers Water and Stain resistant?

    All Transformer Couch covers are stain and water resistant. You can also take your covers off and throw them in the washing machine.

  • Will my Roomba fit underneath the couch?

    Roombas fit seamlessly underneath our couches.

  • How will my Transformer Couch be shipped to me?

    All Transformer Couch orders are shipped via LTL carriers and will arrive at your domicile on a pallet. Making sure all items arrive in perfect condition. All deliveries will be curbside delivery. Meaning that your pallet will be dropped off as close as possible to your door, garage or apartment/condo lobby.

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