A modern kitchen table in a well lit kitchen.

Inspiring Kitchen Table Ideas for Small Kitchens

Transformer Table

Transformer Table

August 01, 2022

A well-placed piece of furniture can visually enlarge a space. When it comes to limited space, many people believe that having separate functional spaces for cooking, dining, storage, and other activities is difficult in a small kitchen.

For those still looking for the greatest compact dining table, we've compiled a list of unique kitchen table ideas for small kitchens. All of these suggestions demonstrate that you have a wide range of possibilities. The first step is to determine which table is most appropriate for you. To do so, think about the size of your kitchen and the number of people in your family.

What to Consider When Thinking About Kitchen Table Ideas for Small Kitchens

When it comes to choosing a compact dining table for a tiny kitchen, shape, and size are crucial. Tables are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, including rectangular, square, round, oval, semicircular, and angular.

How To Plan a Small Kitchen

To begin, take measurements of your available space. To fit a small table and chairs, you'll need at least 7 feet of space, but 8 feet is preferable and 9 feet is ideal.

A modern kitchen table in a well lit kitchen.

Here are a few pointers to think about: Pedestal tables, like circular tables, allow for more seats to be arranged around them. There's no need to be stingy when it comes to decorating small kitchen tables. To reduce room in the corners, use rounded-edge placemats, small centerpieces, or elegant candlesticks.

Kitchen Table Ideas for Small Kitchens

Let’s dive into some kitchen table ideas for small kitchens and tips you can use to decorate and accommodate your kitchen. Everyone has different tastes and needs, so the most important thing to take into consideration is the use you will be giving this space and what you will use the kitchen table for.

If you are going for the most simple and minimal of accommodations, this table may even end up being your home office or desk. It’s best to keep an open mind, some table ideas require you to be more flexible, but not everyone can fit a huge table in their kitchen.

Size Adjustable Tables

Transforming tables are extremely useful and convenient, making them excellent for compact places. If necessary, the tabletop's two pieces can be separated and a specific extra panel inserted in the gap.

A lady sitting at a modern kitchen table.

A square table becomes a rectangular one, while a round table becomes an oval one similarly. The morphing console tables are a version of this style. Small areas can benefit from transforming console tables into dining sets.

These types usually feature leaves that fold down on the sides, which you raise when you want to use them as a dining table. Transforming console tables are ideal for small spaces since they take up very little room on the floor.


The most popular option is a rectangular dining table, which is the most traditional and simple. It has a robust appearance and is comfy. It looks great against a wall or in a corner. It is, however, frequently unsuitable for tiny kitchens.

If you have a small kitchen, you should think about getting a different table shape. If you have enough room for a rectangular table, use seats that can be conveniently stored under the tabletop when not in use.

Simplicity allows you to save up on space and also keep things tidier. In reality, simplicity or minimalism is a great way to motivate yourself when creating perfect small spaces.

A modern kitchen table in a well lit kitchen.

Durable Tables

A rolling hideaway countertop is ideal for the chef of the home or the little chef in training who wants to save room while still adding durability. These tables are not only beautiful to look at and a wonderful conversation starter in the kitchen, but they are also sturdy and durable, able to handle the abuse of a cook while also providing a place to enjoy your meals.

Multi-Functional Pieces

For many, the kitchen table is where a lot of magic happens. Not only can you enjoy a morning cup of Joe or a meal or two, but you can also think about this space as where you journal, work, design, or study.

Many people have transitioned into a simpler and more streamlined living, and the kitchen has embraced this to become the space where you do most of your living.

Purchasing a folding table is a fantastic idea. It folds up simply to create a stylish dining corner. It is robust enough to hold the dishware despite its thin surface. Furthermore, the folding table can be used as an office desk. The wooden dining chairs are stackable and may be stored. An intimate lunch conversation is sparked by both the table and the seats. Multi-functional furniture offers a world of possibilities.

A lady sitting at a modern table.


Kitchen tables must be practical and functional. This not only means that a table has to allow users to comfortably sit and enjoy a delicious meal, but sometimes we have to be able to move or use these tables to our advantage, thus being more practical.

The caster-wheeled mobile table may be effortlessly moved from one area of the kitchen to another. A traditional table on wheels is the most basic design option. If necessary, it can be tucked into a corner or against a wall, but it can also be moved to the center of the kitchen so that several people can sit comfortably behind it.

Maximize Space

There are many different solutions to maximize space in our small kitchen. One of the many ideas, when considering your kitchen table, is to use practical and convenient pieces that allow you to save up on space.

Folding tables are basic, but they're also highly practical and useful. With one or two drop-down leaves, they can be wall-mounted or free-standing, and they can be enlarged as needed. The table is usually rectangular or semicircular.

People working on laptops at a modern work table.

A windowsill dining table is a variant on the bar counter and is an excellent way to maximize space in a tiny kitchen. This option is particularly popular since, on the one hand, you get enough space for a nice dinner while still saving space in the kitchen to walk around. This style of tiny dining table is ideal for those who are fortunate enough to have a great view from their window.