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Ideas on How to Turn a Small Backyard into an Oasis

Transformer Table

Transformer Table

June 27, 2022

Transforming a small backyard into an oasis may sound like a pretty expensive challenge, but it can be much simpler than you think. This straightforward guide will give you some useful tips when remodelling your patio to turn it into your personal paradise. Here are some ideas that you can use as a starting point when building your dream oasis.

Ideas On How To Turn A Small Backyard Into An Oasis

Creating your own personal paradise can be much easier than you would imagine. You just have to think about how to adapt the elements you want to have in your patio according to your needs and space. These are some practical ideas that you can follow to turn a small backyard into an oasis.

Planning and Design

After you choose a theme, establish an action plan considering the elements you have, what you need, what you have to buy, and what your final goal is regarding the appearance and functionality of your yard. You may want something with more neutral colors that evoke calm and relaxation, or perhaps a backyard full of games and attractions for your children. In any case, the first thing you need to do is to define your priorities and goals.

Cozy Atmosphere

Some flat stones or a bench can make an excellent short-term place to rest. But, if you want to add a little extra comfort, you can consider getting a couple of hanging chairs or even a hammock. If the floor of your patio allows it, you could even get bean bags to sit on and read quietly or just rest. Some side tables can also be handy when you want to sit down for a moment on the patio to enjoy a snack or a cup of coffee.

Maximize Your Space

If your backyard doesn't have enough space to have a few accent chairs without them disrupting the flow of traffic, you could get some folding chairs or lightweight frame chairs that you can easily stack and move around. A transformable coffee table or a regular end table could help you save space or get more out of a small space. Another viable option may be to get a complete transformable outdoor set that you can store compactly when not in use and fold easily and quickly when needed.

Comfortable for Guests

Be sure to include some extra seating around the patio or in a common area. If your backyard has trees, you can take advantage of them by hanging some hammocks or some hanging chairs between them. You can also opt for a garden chair under the shade of trees. A daybed can also be a great option to spend time together.

Multi-functional Furniture

A transformable or extendable table can be handy if you have to host a birthday party for one of your children. Some side tables can quickly transform into lounge chairs and guest beds. If you like working outdoors, some coffee tables can convert into a desk. Whatever multifunctional furniture you choose, you just have to ensure that it meets the following characteristics.


It is vital to check that the materials the furniture is made of are solid and of good quality. In this way, you ensure that you will have a piece of furniture that will last for years without issues. This is especially important for furniture that will be on the patio since it usually has to withstand weather conditions.


Adjustability is practically an intrinsic characteristic of multifunctional furniture. However, some types of multifunctional furniture, such as work desks/dining tables, can be of one solid piece. When you want to turn a small backyard into an oasis and space is limited, the multifunctional furniture you choose must be adjustable.


The furniture you choose should do its thing without interrupting the distribution of space and the comfort of the users too much. Whether it's a table, chair, piece of furniture, or sofa, make sure it's nothing too bulky or difficult to move or fit into the space. If you're on a budget, Canada Day furniture sales are a great time to pick up pieces for your soon-to-be backyard oasis.

Create Privacy

Transforming your small yard into a true oasis where you can escape means it’s vital to pay attention to privacy. A convenient and ecological alternative to the traditional wooden or metal fence is to enclose your yard with a fence made of large bushes or plants around the perimeter. Even if you already have a fence, you can supplement it by creating a plant wall with vines or other crawling plants.

Add Texture

You can start by choosing textured materials in the furniture you choose for your patio. You can also use different types of garden plants and add some color with some flowers. If your yard is big enough, you can make a walkway out of river stones or gravel to give it a rustic touch. You can choose different textures that go within the same design theme or make the combination that you like the most.

Water Feature

Whether you choose a small fountain or decide to create a small homemade pond, some type of water feature can be the perfect finishing touch for a relaxing space. There are many different types of fountains that you can add to your yard. A Koi pond or birdbath fountain can make your yard unique and is much easier to build than many would believe.

Maintenance Plan

If you have furniture or chairs and do not have a roof or some type of protection for them, you can store them inside the house. If you have plants or grass, water them regularly. Make sure you do regular maintenance on water features, clean the filters and check the pipes to prevent any type of damage. This way, you also prolong the life of your space and the feeling of comfort that your personal oasis conveys.