Dinning table in a small living room dinning room combo.

10 Small Living Room Dining Room Combo Layout Ideas

Robbie Bart

June 06, 2022

You’ve found a home with a comfortable living room and a dining room that pairs up with the seating area. There’s not much space in either allocated space, but you can’t help appreciating the coziness of the area itself. What can you do to make the rooms work for your unique interior decorating needs?

This is one of the core reasons why small living room dining room combo layout ideas are so beneficial for homeowners living in small spaces. Urban city dwellers often reside in apartments or condo units where rooms can literally serve a multi-purpose function. In these situations, it’s important to use the right layout ideas to get the most value out of your allotted living space.

What to keep in mind when thinking of small living room dining room combo layout ideas

Remember that a small living room and dining room combo doesn’t leave you with much space. If you have a particular design in mind for how to assemble your furniture within the available living space, you need to make good use of customizable design ideas.

For example, having modular sectional furniture to fill in your living room, coupled with a corresponding modular table solution for your dining room will give you an intimate setting fit for yourself, your loved ones, and any guests you entertain for special occasions. This is one of the best ways to innovate interior design ideas using advanced modular furniture to make the most out of your beautiful home.

A lady sitting at a table in a small living room dining room combo layout room.

10 small living room dining room combo layout ideas

So what are some prime examples of small living room dining room combo layout ideas that you can use as starter points to create your own custom home furnishing designs? Here are 10 creative ways to decorate your living room dining room combo for the whole world to see, appreciate, and enjoy whenever you have people over to the house.

Focus on multi-use furniture

One of the greatest benefits of modular furniture is that it can transform to your heart’s content. If you need longer seating areas, you can set them up that way; and if you need to break them apart into smaller arrangements, you can do that as well. Modular furniture is completely customizable so have fun with those flexible solutions.

Use decor to create definition

Don’t feel like the size of your dwelling will limit your design ideas. You can get very creative with decor by utilizing wall dividers for extra space, creating seating arrangements in small areas, adding mirrors on the walls for the illusion of more depth, and so forth.

Modern furniture in a small living room dinning room combo.

All white living room and dining room

White may seem like a very basic color, but it has several advantages within its simplicity. For example, white paint reflects natural sunlight back into the room, creating a brighter and more welcoming sitting space. White furniture, provided it’s properly scotch guarded, can also make the room feel brighter and bigger than it otherwise appears to be.

Use transformative tables to layer up on spacing

Modular tables have the ability to add additional layers for storage and places to set down drinks, books, and other handheld items. They allow guests to comfortably set things down without cluttering up valuable floor space with multiple tables or side tables.

Accentuate the room with art pieces

Creative use of artwork on the walls can help you divide up a small living room dining room layout combo. Place distinct pieces of art on the walls surrounding the area that you’ve allocated as your dining room space. This will help differentiate the eating area from the seating area in the living room.

Furniture in a small living room dinning room combo.

Windows don’t always need to be accessible

If you have a small living space, don’t feel like you have to keep free and open access to the windows in your home. You can position furniture in front of the windows to make the most use of your available space. Plus, some windows have a little more depth to them, which means you may have extra space to store some of your smaller household items.

Don’t be afraid of the stairs

Your small space may have an upstairs loft area with a narrow stairwell included in the living room dining room area. Don’t be afraid to press furniture right up against the sides of those stairs if your space doesn’t provide much breathing room around them.

Hang lights from the ceilings

Floor and table lamps add more light to a room, but they also take up valuable space. Remove those obstacles by suspending more lights from the ceiling. A chandelier, in particular, is a great light to hang over your dining room table, providing a silhouette of light without interfering with your floor layout.

Modern furniture in a small living room dinning room combo.

Use modular sofas for creative positioning

Sometimes, an L-shaped or U-shaped sofa is the best way to create a homely seating arrangement without sacrificing too much floor room. Modular sofas give you the flexibility to customize your seating area to a distinct look and feel that still provides ample space to comfortably move around the room.

Add floor rugs to decorate the living room

Help distinguish between the two types of seating areas by adding a lovely floor rug to center your living room space. The rug can be the center piece of your room with the furniture situated all around the rug in an inviting arrangement.