A lady standing at a dark extendable table.

What is an Extendable Table

Transformer Table

Transformer Table

July 11, 2022

Living spaces are increasingly becoming more expensive and scarce, while some even double as workplaces. As a result, we’ve had a paradigm shift in how we utilize space, especially regarding the furniture we put in these spaces.

We are becoming more purposeful with the type of furniture we use in our homes. For the most part, it must be practical and aesthetically pleasing. If the latest trends are anything to go by, multifunctional furniture is becoming more popular because they meet these two conditions.

One of the most popular multifunctional pieces of furniture is the extendable dining table. If you’re wondering, ‘what is an extendable table?’ Read on to learn the advantages of this multifunctional piece of furniture.

What is an Extendable Table?

An extendable table is a table that increases its size to seat more people. They usually are costlier than typical tables, but the extra cost is worth it.

An extendable table is an excellent example of multifunctional furniture. It folds when you need to save space, but can also extend when more seating space is required.

These tables come in different shapes, sizes, and designs, ranging from classic to wooden to modern tables.

A extendable dining table made from dark wood.

An extendable dining table has extensions that make it larger when need be. It is designed for large dinner parties and functions with lots of people.

The idea of extendable dining tables traces back to the 16th century when a draw top was added to a traditional table to increase its length. The draw top consisted of three leaves; two were placed under the third and supported by runners to elongate the table.

This is the basic principle on which modern extendable dining tables are made.

What are the Benefits of an Extendable Dining Table

Functionality: The main selling point of extendable dining tables is their ability to increase in size. This comes in handy during functions and special occasions where there are many people. The extendable parts blend well with the rest of the table, meaning you can leave them extended.

Versatility: Moreover, these tables are quite versatile – they can fold and unfold easily to fit in almost any space, thus offering lots of versatility in room and seating arrangements. This makes extendable dining tables ideal for small dining rooms.

Space saver: Extendable dining tables are excellent space savers. If you have a small living room and still want to fit in a dining area, extendable tables are your best bet. Naturally, you want to get a table that will fit well and still be extendable to create more seating space if needed.

A extendable dining table made from light wood.

Availability: Another advantage of extendable tables is availability. A simple online search yields endless options for you to choose from. To save time while you’re here, you can check out Transformer Table’s extendable table options.

Variety: These types of tables also come in different shapes and styles. The advantage of this is that you can easily get a table that meets your criteria decor-wise, style-wise, by the color palette, etc.

Durability: one of the hallmarks of extendable tables is their durability. They are made using solid materials such as wood and glass that typically last for years if well used. The extensions are usually held in place with strong mechanisms that maintain the table’s structural integrity. Barring severe abuse, extendable tables typically last for years and present minimal issues as far as full functionality is concerned.

How to Choose the Right Extended Dining Table

If you manage to get the right extending dining table for your dining space, you will no doubt love it. These tables come in various styles, flexible seating options, and combinations that ensure that no matter your peculiarities, you’re bound to get one that ticks all your boxes.

An extendable dining table from above that is set for a meal.

However, it would help to consider a few things when shopping for an extended dining set because this is not your standard set of tables and chairs. Lucky for you, we are here just for that.

Material: you want to invest in a dining set that is strong, aesthetically pleasing, and durable. Wood is just about the best material because it ticks all the boxes – it’s strong, easy to clean and maintain, and aesthetically pleasing when well-polished. Moreover, wood can take rough handling and prevent bacterial growth.
Glass is also a popular construction material for making the tabletops of extended dining tables. However, it needs tender care because it easily scratches and can break when abused. The best benefit of glass is that it matches almost any decor and is easy to clean.

Granite is also used as a tabletop thanks to its strength and ability to withstand heat, nicks, splashes, and wear and tear. However, this material is heavy, meaning the cabinetry underneath must equally be strong to support its weight.
Overall, extended dining sets with granite tabletops are extremely heavy and might not be easy to move about. Granite also needs to be resealed often to avoid staining. It is also susceptible to corrosion by certain cleaning products.
Marble and tiles are other materials used, but they have considerable limitations because they are stones.

A dark extendable table.

Storage: extended tables have extra pieces that enable them to extend when needed. When these extensions are not needed, they are stored. The beauty of extended dining tables is that some come with inbuilt storage compartments for these extensions. This saves you from the hustle of looking for external storage.
When selecting extendable dining tables, look for such features for added functionality and convenience.

Size and shape: two things to consider as far as size and shape are concerned – basic size and maximum size. The basic size is the standard size of the table without extensions, while the maximum size refers to the table’s size when fully extended.

Extendibility: this aspect is influenced by the size of your dining space. Buy an extendable dining table that will still fit in your dining space at full extension. You should also check to ensure that the extensions are well supported when out.

Types of Extended Dining Tables

There are essentially four types of extendable dining tables:

Butterfly Leaf Table – this table has a hinged leaf (leaves) hidden in a compartment beneath its top. The table extends by sliding apart its ends to create a gap at the center. The extension leaves are then fitted into the space and opened to their full width to fill the gap. The leaves open in a butterfly wings fashion hence the name.

The workings of an extendable table.

Drop Leaf Table – this extendable dining table has collapsible hinged ends. They are lifted and held in place by brackets installed under the tabletop when needed. These tables are available in different shapes and sizes and can be easily operated by one person.

Drop-in Leaf Table – this table operates similarly to the butterfly leaf table. The only difference is that its leaves do not fold in a butterfly wing’s fashion. Instead, the gap created at the center is filled with flat extensions to form a continuous surface.

Stow Leaf Table – unlike in a butterfly leaf table, the leaves in a stow leaf table tuck visibly beneath the tabletop when not in use creating the impression of a double-layered tabletop. A simple mechanism allows leaves to be pulled out smoothly whenever needed.

Extended Dining Table Ideas

The whole idea behind extendable dining tables is to utilize space. The many variations of these tables mean some are better than others in saving space.

One such table is the Danish Style rectangular dining table. It is perfect for people seeking a minimalist yet sophisticated look. Its single base means it has loads of legroom.

A lady sitting at a extendable dining table made of a light wood.

The desk-to-dining table is also another splendid idea! If you don’t have enough room for a dining table, this unusual piece transforms from a desk to a dining table that seats up to 12 people!

The workspace-to-dining table is also a fantastic idea! The table is a complete game-changer for space-challenged studio apartments. When guests come over, extend the fold-down leaves, and voila! You have a dining table for 6 guests. When you want to work from home, drop the leaves, push the table against the wall, and have your workspace.