A modern living room with modular furniture.

Types of Modular Furniture for Every Home

Transformer Table

Transformer Table

March 14, 2022

“Modular” has become the hot new trend in home furniture. As more people move into condos and apartments, they’re faced with the challenge of hoping their old furniture fits their new rooms. Changing location and size is tough, which is why multifunctional modular furniture has become so appealing.

Types of modular furniture that have come on the market are dining tables, shelving, couches, and sofas, built to solve the problem of living comfortably in smaller spaces. These modern space-saving products are adjustable and reconfigurable for any size home. With true modular furniture, you can customize the shape and scale, then change it when needs change.

Sounds pretty good, right? The only catch is that the marketing doesn’t always match the results. “Modular” is often used as clickbait, rather than an accurate description of what the table or sofa actually is. Then of course there’s the challenge of finding modular furniture you can proudly show off to guests and won’t break in a month.

Before investing in a dining table or sofa, learn how to spot the difference between quality modular furniture and hype:

Modern dining table.

What ‘modular’ furniture is and isn’t

An internet search for “Types of modular furniture” or “Extendable furniture” will give you a ton of hits, but it doesn’t mean the item is modular or even extends all that much. Many dining tables extend slightly by adding an extra leaf or two, but that just makes a regular-sized table slightly bigger. That’s not modular.

The Transformer Table is not only modular, it takes it to a whole new level. It can extend up to a full 10 feet to seat 12 people, then shrink down to the size of an 18” console that can be discreetly tucked in the corner. From a banquet table to a side table, enjoy showing off the optical illusion of your Transformer Table drastically changing size, have dinner on its elegant hardwood finish, then collapse it and tuck it back in the corner.

Modular sofas often get confused with sectional sofas. The two are not the same. A modular sofa is made up of individual sections that can be disconnected and reconfigured into almost any shape. The Transformer Couch is so adjustable it can become two smaller couches and a set of chairs. Even the color can be changed – all parts have covers that can be slipped off and replaced with a different colored fabric.

Modern multifunctional couch

A sectional sofa is a one-piece sofa with an added section or two. Sectionals may have a moveable end section, but you cannot change its end-to-end size. Shape and color are fixed.

If you want authentic, multifunctional modular furniture, make sure you do your homework before investing!

Look for quality construction & material

While you can get away with cheaper material for shelves, there’s no disguising a cheap dining table. Your dining table is a decor focal point that’s touched and used by guests; it’s not the item where you should compromise quality.

Most modular tables are made from wood composites like MDF. The Transformer Table is 100% hardwood. The downside of real wood is it has a natural grain that may include flaws, however, a genuine hardwood dining table will last longer and look better for many more years.

By definition, anything modular has more moving parts. While well-constructed modular furniture can remain trouble-free for years, even the best quality products may eventually need repair.

The best insurance against manufactured or natural flaws is to check reviews and read the warranty. Modular home furniture is a recent phenomenon with frequent upgrades, therefore prioritize newer reviews over reviews that are years old.

A lady adjusting her transformable table

Transformer Table has the highest standards for quality construction and durability. The Transformer Table wood has a one-year warranty and the mechanisms carry a lifetime warranty. The Transformer Couch has a one-year warranty.

Savings & Strain versus ‘Schlep’

How comfortable are you assembling your furniture? If you don’t mind the time and hassle of DIY, you can probably save some money with furniture that comes in pieces and requires assembly. However, savings go out the window if you assemble your furniture incorrectly, plus if you damage a piece you’ll have to wait a while for a replacement part.

The other ‘schlep’ factor is how easily your modular furniture transforms. How hard is it to connect and disconnect the parts? How heavy is it to move? Can you do it yourself, or does it require help?

The Transformer Table comes fully assembled. No tools, no screws, no work. Take it out of the box and it’s ready to use as a compact desk. Panels can be added in minutes. – it glides open and closed so easily that one person can do it.

A lady standing at her modular dining table

Tops in the Modular World

If you’re searching for “types of Modular furniture”, Transformer Table occupies a different world than the competition. Nothing in the industry combines the same level of innovation, quality materials, and modern style, along with its unparalleled adjustability. Transformer Table’s dining room, living room, and outdoor patio furniture not only exceed expectations for modular, multi-functional furniture, but they also look great as part of any decor.