Transformer Table - Showdown: Transformer Table vs. Typical Dining Table

Showdown: Transformer Table vs. Typical Dining Table

Lorne Shapiro

February 21, 2022

Your dining room table is one of your home’s centerpieces. It’s a highly visible piece of furniture, as well as the daily hub where everyone gathers together. Investing in the right dining table pays you back with many years of enjoyment, not to mention adding a touch of elegance to your decor. 

What are the main factors to compare when buying a dining table, and how does the traditional dining room table perform against the Transformer Table? We’ve broken down the essentials:


Depending how often you entertain and how tight your space, the ability to adjust the size of your dining table is a key feature. While many traditional dining tables promote themselves as adjustable or extendable, that usually means two sizes: Big and Bigger. They’re regular sized tables with the option to add a leaf or two. That’s fine provided you have a lot of space, however if you live in an apartment or smaller condo, a traditional dining table can’t adjust to be smaller than it is.

The Transformer Table is in a league of its own for adjustability. It contracts to the size of a shelf that can be stashed in the corner, and when it goes big it goes really big – a sprawling banquet table that extends to easily seat 12. No other table in the industry gives you such total control over its size and usage.

Winner: Transformer Table (by a landslide)

Style & Decor: 

There’s no right or wrong when it comes to the style of your dining table. However, remember that trendiness doesn’t age well. Decorators recommend investing in a table with a classic design that can complement most decors. Save the bold fashion statements for the accessories. 

Transformer Table was created with a classic style that never goes out of fashion. Its sleek design works beautifully with modern contemporary decor, but its rich hardwood finishes also have a classic traditional feel. A Transformer Table is built to last, not only with its sturdy, solid construction, but with an aesthetic that’s truly timeless. 

Winner: Tie (go with the style you like)



Most people occupy multiple homes during their lifetime, which means you can expect to suffer through the nightmare of moving more than once. Maneuvering traditional dining tables through doorways and up and down stairs is a recipe for disaster, not to mention the risk of damage and need for a moving van.

Transformer Tables can shrink down to fit into your car! Absolutely no tools or disassembly required – just collapse the dining table to its original size, carry it easily through your door and place it into a regular hatchback. Then bring it into your new place, set it down, and voilà.

We’re going to repeat that because it’s so cool: The Transformer Table fits in your car! Mic drop.

Winner: Transformer Table (another landslide)


Do you want real wood? How solid is it? Pricing is usually determined by material, construction, and size. Expect to pay a few thousand dollars for a high-end traditional dining room table that seats a large group. You’ll get a beautiful table, but it requires ample space. A cheap table may be fine for a short-term lodging or if you have a limited budget, as long as you don’t mind tossing it away when circumstances change.

A Transformer Table is priced in the upper-mid range, made from solid wood with a choice of high-quality finishes. Of course, its huge added value is its modular adjustability, which extends and contracts to any size room. That means your Transformer Table will easily adapt to your next home and the one after that, however big or small. And thanks to its sturdy, solid construction, it’s built to last for many years and multiple moves.

Winner: Judgment call (depends if you want to keep your dining table long-term, or if it’s a short-term fix)


Traditional dining room tables are heavy. Pulling it apart to add an extra leaf is a two-person job. Lifting it across the room is a schlep, not to mention moving it to another location. 

Transformer Tables slide open and closed easily, and can be done by one person. Leaves are stored a few feet away in a matching coffee table – no need to scavenge through a closet to locate them. 

The Winner: Transformer Table

The Verdict:

A traditional dining table is fine for a single function, but doesn’t adapt well to change. If you move to a larger or smaller place it may no longer fit. And of course moving a traditional dining table, whether across the floor or across the city, is a chore. 

A Transformer Table is unique in the industry – made from quality hardwood and designed for high-end decor, while constructed to be amazingly transportable and adjustable to any size. It’s a smart and stylish choice if you want a dining table that adds elegance to your home, or fits perfectly into the smallest apartment.