Extendable Dining Table in a modern room.

Extendable Dining Table Ideas

Transformer Table

Transformer Table

May 09, 2022

Mealtimes are special moments – they are probably the few times in life that bring family and friends together in one place. We live for such moments. The endless chatter, laughter, and jokes as we relive cherished memories.

However, life sometimes conspires and throws you small challenges to spoil the party, like suddenly realizing you invited over more guests than your dinner table can accommodate. That's where the extendable dining tables come in.

These tables are highly versatile and practical. Read on to learn more about extendable dining table ideas worth considering if you’re hosting soon.

What is an Extendable Dining Table?

As the name suggests, an extendable table is a table whose size increases to accommodate more people. Extendable tables usually cost more than normal tables because they need more expertise and materials. However, the extra cost is worth it.

There are many ideas for extendable dining tables, and we're sure you cannot fail to get one that suits your needs. They work well with open-floor plans allowing you to expand them depending on the size of the company you have.

Extendable dinning table

Types of Extendable Dining Tables

There are four main types of table extensions, all of which use the leaf system:

  • Traditional Leaf Table – the table's ends are pulled apart to create space in the middle. Extensions (leaves) are placed in the gap created. In some types, the removable leaves can be stored beneath the tabletop, saving you the hustle of looking for storage space.
  • Stow Leaf Table – these tables' extensions are located beneath the tabletop and remain visible even when stored, giving the table a distinct double-layered appearance. The extensions lift into place thanks to a smooth gliding mechanism.
  • Butterfly Leaf Table – these have a hinged leaf/leaves tucked in a hidden compartment beneath the top. You extend it by sliding the ends apart, creating a gap at the center where the hidden leaves fit into.
  • Drop Leaf Table – these tables have one or more hinged collapsible leaves at the ends of the table. When needed, the leaves are lifted and held in place by brackets beneath the tabletop.

What are the Benefits of Using an Extendable Dining Table?

Extendable dining tables are convenient when you want to maximize the space in your dining area. Other than saving on space, other benefits of using an extendable dining table are:

  • Durability and beauty: Extendable dining tables are works of craft! The solid wood used to make them is long-lasting compared to the materials used for other basic tables. A repaint after every few years is all you need to keep it looking great!
  • Easy to move: These tables are easy to carry and move around, whether from the dining area to the living room or the patio.
  • Functionality: The strongest selling point of extendable dining tables is that they are versatile and can be used pretty much anywhere in the house. You can use them for everyday use or on important occasions.
  • Great for small spaces: Extendable dining tables are the go-to when you have a small apartment but still want a dining set.
  • Loads of options: Extendable dining table sets come in various shapes and styles. There are so many extendable dining table ideas online, and you can buy one or even decide to make one yourself.
A dinner table ready for lunch from above

Some Extendable Dining Table Ideas

The Transformer Table

Do you want a basic piece of furniture that can serve both as an office desk and dining table? The Transformer Table is one of the best extendable dining table ideas you can find in the world.

This hardwood table can extend from 18” to 118”, making it the perfect solution for when you expect several guests without compromising your current space. Seat up to 12 guests and enjoy a wonderful evening seated on this beautiful functional furniture.

Extendable Dining Set

Dining sets are also perfect when it comes to extendable dining table ideas. Having an extendable dining table and also extendable seats will save you time and money, giving you a beautiful dining set that fits into any space.

A mother and daughter moving a extendable dining table

How to Choose the Right Extended Dining Table

When looking for extendable dining tables, think about the following:

  • Space: The sole reason for getting an extendable dining table is to maximize your dining area space. When picking your preferred table, ensure you get the right measurements of your dining area to get exactly what you need.
  • Size and shape: there's the basic size and the maximum size. It's important to consider how large the table will be at full extension. Obviously, if you're hosting upwards of 10 people, you'll need larger sizes.
  • Material: wood is preferred by most people because it's durable, good-looking, and relatively easy to maintain. Glass is also used, but it does have its obvious shortcomings.
  • Storage: Extendable dining tables have extra pieces that are stored when not in use. You can customize your table to include a storage area, so you don't have to worry about external storage space.
A large family sitting down at a extendable dining table for dinner.

So, the next time you host a dinner party, you don't have to worry about not having a large dinner table to host your friends and family. Extendable dining tables will ensure you focus on having a good time with everybody. You should probably consider this great idea, especially if you love holding parties and family functions at home.