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🌱C'est le printemps! Acheter Une Transformer Table & recevez une table de salon gratuitement! 🌱C'est le printemps! Acheter Une Transformer Table & recevez une table de salon gratuitement!

La Transformer Table 3.0

$2,598 $1,899

La Transformer Table 3.0

La table de dîner la plus polyvalente et la plus étendue que vous aurez jamais dans un vrai BOIS FRANC. Confort et économie d'espace à son meilleur. Mangez ensemble de 2 à 12 personnes. C'est vraiment la seule table dont vous aurez besoin. Ajuste de 18 pouces à 118 pouces. Sièges de 2 à 12 personnes. Fait de bois franc à 100%, Étanche & Résistante à la chaleur. Soutiens jusqu'à 750 livres.

Garantie de 1 an

Nous offrons une garantie de 1 an contre les défauts structurels

Livraison gratuite

Nous offrons la livraison gratuite sur toutes commandes de plus de 999 $à travers les États-Unis et le Canada

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La Transformer Table 3.0

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Dimensions et détails

Polyvalent, comme vous.

Conçues avec des caractéristiques extensibles, nos produits peuvent facilement s’adapter à n’importe quel espace de vie.

Construit pour durer.

Fabriqué avec du bois franc de haute qualité, nos produits sont conçus et construits pour résister à l'épreuve du temps.

Unique en son genre.

Nos produits en bois franc à 100% mettent en valeur les textures, le grains et les marques naturelles qui créent des meubles distincts et uniques .


Qu’y a-t-il dans la boîte

  • 5 panneaux en bois
  • Fabriqués à partir de bois franc 100%
  • Garanti un an
  • Manuel


Customer Reviews

Based on 484 reviews

Truly a nice solution for anyone who is either limited in space or even if you have a huge house (the style of the table will compliment anything and everything).

A friend of mine suggested i look at this company and i like it right away. I was informed that because of the global slow downs it would take longer to receive but i was totally cool with this. Finally its here and belive me yall would love it too.
I would def. reccomened and will do that to my friends as well.


Great product and quality, Holland was my rep and did a great job of explaining everything and answering all of my questions.

Received the products with a delay but i was ok with it since we were moving.


Overall i would give it 5 for the product becuase its so cool but would def. appriciate more communication from the company.


Sorry how much holy shit that's crazy specially during covid who can even afford this??

Beautiful table with some drawbacks. Slow, slow, slow delivery.

I’m being generous with 4 stars.

The set looks stylish and elegant but does have some practical drawbacks. First of all, this is a heavy table. Getting it into the house is not a one person job. The table is 38” deep, narrower than most dining tables. The position of the center leg makes the seating of 5 diners on each side crowded and awkward for the two people seated near the leg who must essentially straddle the leg.

The bench came fully assembled and ready to use right out of the box; nice.

We also ordered 12 chairs which required assembly but, after the first two, the rest went together quickly with the help of a nice, little right angle ratchet that I already had. The chairs are actually nicer than I expected. Had I realized that seating 12 would be so awkward, I would have bought fewer chairs.

I was surprised that the finish of the Canadian dark oak is so deeply textured. I’m concerned that debris may become lodged in it. The texture is so rough that one cannot put a sheet of paper on the table and write on it without first putting some smooth-surfaced item under the paper. God forbid one of the kids gets glitter or even flour on the table. I imagine getting it out of the grooves would be a nightmare. That said, the finish looks durable and the texture will likely camouflage any scratches that might develop over time. Now that the weather is drier and the indoor air more prone to static, I have noticed static laden dust climbing the dark legs of the table. The dust easily wipes off with a damp cloth but not with a dry duster. The coffee table/table extension storage is a brilliant design and very convenient.

All pieces were extremely well packaged and well protected for shipment. Getting our shipment, on the other hand, was a nightmare. We ordered in 2019 with delivery promised in time for Christmas of 2019. Once Christmas came and went, we honestly had no idea when to expect to receive our purchase. After many emails, phone calls and one untraceable tracking number, we finally received our long-awaited dining set, 9 whole freaking months later! I have grown and delivered an entire, fully functioning human being in that time! Not once but twice!

Dear TT People, you have a fine product. Please work on your customer service and learn to keep your word.

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